Passion For Socks


Our two biggest passions are the art of printing and how it brings your ideas to life. Connecting the two together seamlessly is difficult but fortunately for us, we have printed enough socks to learn a trick or two along the way. Every customer's project is unique, so we utilize multiple printing methods to ensure your order comes out great.  



Over 90% of the socks we produce at Prosocks are dye-sublimation, so you know we've got the process down to a science.

For every design we receive, our designers create a digital mock up to preview how the socks would look (front and back). It all starts with piecing together creative assets sent from our customers and then building upon it. We try to understand the story behind their ideas, so we can enhance their custom design.

Dye-sub printing requires a little extra work and time, hence, we have a minimum order quantity but it's by far the best option for high definition graphics.


Details can make the difference in great designs; however, some designs don't need high definition. Generally speaking, if your design is primarily texts, pixelated logos or simple images, we provide the option of knitted socks. Since knitted socks are less labor intensive, the cost of production is lower, providing a great option for individuals or groups looking to create promo socks or socks in large quantity.

We're Here For you

We believe in the power of custom socks and how it can help you express your ideas. That's why we make creating custom socks easy and fun for you and your friends. If you ever need any assistance or have any questions, call us. We're here for you every step along the way.