Our Story: Customer First


The Prosocks story began in 2013 when two college roommates got together to form a business after years of working in finance. Our co-founder and CEO Roger C., was working hard in forex but didn't love it.

The pros in prosocksHe was looking for an opportunity to start something totally new and different. Meanwhile, Roger's former college roommate, Leon W., had spent his last 3 years in marketing only to realize isn't what he wanted to do as well. Leon already started a few online businesses, but wanted to take it to the next level. So together, they spoke about creating something special. In the winter of 2013, Prosocks was established and officially in business. Roger and Leon went on to promote their custom socks at trade shows. They quickly discovered that there was a huge demand for high definition custom socks. The initial designs were created by Leon, and they were selling out fast; their entire inventory sold out within hours at every show they attended. Customers started requesting their own designs and Prosocks would print them on the spot. Everyone in the show lined up for hours just to see their favorite images on their custom socks. 

Customization EngineIn early 2014, they decided to stop taking order manually because it was time consuming and frastrating for customers. They determined to streamline the process of sock customization and fortunately with Roger's technical background, they were able to create an online tool that allowed anyone to create custom socks.

When the first version of the customization engine launched in 2015, it was an instant hit. There were over 3 million users during the first year, and orders were rolling in. There were some hiccups along the way, which was not unexpected for a fast growing company. However, customer service was the priority and customer feedback was crucial to streamlining the customization process.

Fast forward today. As the brand grew so did our company, we are developing a wholesale operation with some of the biggest names in the industry.Our core values of transparency and caring for our customers paved the way to our success and we will continue to put our customers first. Transparency and caring for our customer is what kept us growing year after year. These values got us here today and we will continue to carry them with us in the future.

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