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Huffington Post

Oct 28,2016

For the person who can’t keep track of their socks this is a helpful way to keep pairs together. Less obvious than other gym necessities, socks are still a vital part of the whole ensemble. Prosocks create fun socks and will print images, names or special logos. The prices start at $19.99 take up to 3-5 days for shipping. The creativity factor is high here because CES can print your choice of vibrant images covering the entirety of the socks. This is a whimsical way to personalize something that can be worn in both the gym and outside.

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Business InsiderDec 15, 2016


We're the only custom socks company that let's you customize socks the way you like it and yes, you could put your own face on the socks. Matter of fact, you could put anything on them, maybe your lover, your pet or even your favorite sports team. Check out the video! 

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